Ignacio Astigarraga

Graphic Designer (University of Buenos Aires - UBA)


My name is Ignacio Astigarraga, I am an Argentine Graphic Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).
I am a freelancer and also a co-founder and designer at Fusión Boutique Creativa.
My great passions are Graphic Design, Audiovisual Design, Advertising, illustrations and Digital Marketing, among others.

I have more than 20 years of career, of which 16 years of experience were in the field of Advertising. Where I was a Designer and Junior Art Director.
I created, designed and produced all kinds of creative and design pieces for clients such as: IBM, DELL, AVAYA, LENOVO, SYNGENTA, MOSAIC, CARGILL, ADVANTA, RICOH, CEMIC, COGNIZANT, COLCAR, VMWARE, EXO, ENERGY SAFE, GLOBANT, G & L GROUP, JICA, LAGASH, among others.

In summary, throughout more than 20 years of profession, in relation of dependence as a freelancer and as part of Fusion Boutique Creativa, I created and designed thousands of creative and design pieces, for national and international companies of the most varied items.
You can know more about me downloading My CV or visiting my Vimeo o my Behance.


Here I present a small selection of my works, you can see more of my portfolio by visiting my Vimeo or my Behance.


Being a Graphic Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and having more than 20 years of profession, they have given me great security and ease in this field of Design.
My specialty is the design of corporate identity: brand design, stationery and business cards. Also the design posters, banners, signage, etc.
I also have extensive experience in editorial design: I have designed hundreds of brochures, manuals, catalogs, flyers, etc.
Having made hundreds of videos, advertising spots, product presentations, etc., which have given me good capacity in this area.
Undoubtedly my specialty is motion graphics (everything that has to do with video animation), but I also develop very well editing video.
In this area I can contribute with my creativity, from the conceptual idea, to the story board, the choice and edition of the musical band to the final realization of the video.
I can make contributions at all levels of Digital Marketing: both in creativity and in realization. From internal analysis: profile of the company, to external analysis: market, direct competition and target audience.
Also diagram and plan the communication strategy to follow according to the objective desired by the client. This includes: design and layout of webs and emails (email marketing) in responsive HTML, and mailing.
Also creativity, design and implementation of digital advertising campaigns. And also the management of social networks (Community Manager service). Always looking for an ROI (Return on Investment in Marketing).
Having worked uninterruptedly in the Art Department of a Advertising Agency for 16 years, both as a Designer and as a Junior Art Director, having contributed creativity
and design in so many advertising campaigns, having designed and produced so many graphic pieces as audiovisual and multimedia in this area, gave me the ability to translate the communicational problem
of the client in a campaign concept and thus be able to develop the corresponding creative pieces.
From an early age I have a facility for drawing and painting (especially for illustration with graphite).
This led me at that time of my life to win some important prizes in international competitions (such as from India and Japan).
As an adult I have that ability and now I can combine and enhance it with tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


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